Re: Unidentified Obs

Ron Lee (
Fri, 08 Aug 1997 11:39:46

The best fit I could find in 62068A (#503). It is not as good a fit
as I would like but check it out.  I used Molczan and Alldat files.

Ron Lee

At 13:06 97/8/08 -0400, you wrote:
>Last evening at 21:02:40 EDT (01:02:40; 8 August UTC) while I was 
>observing Landsat 4 (13367, 82072A) ascend I saw a fast moving object
>that intersected the path of Landsat 4, moving right to left.  It was 
>fairly dim - probably 5.0 at best.  After about 15 seconds it was 
>above alpha-Aql.  
>Meteor-2 (12456, 81043A) was in the area but over a minute earlier,
>slower moving and ascending over Vega which does not fit with 
>the object I observed.
>Any ideas??
>Don Gardner
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