Obs. MIR complex / Progress module

Alexander Seidel (Alexander.Seidel@t-online.de)
Fri, 8 Aug 97 23:43 MET DST

The MIR complex was observed again from this site at UT 2046 (mag -1.0, max. 
elevation 55 deg South), followed 46.5 sec later by Progress M-35 (mag +1.0). 
Yesterday at UT 2143 (MIR mag -0.7, Progress-M35 mag +1.3, max. elevation 47 
deg) I timed a separation of 27.3 sec, and the day before at UT 2105 the gap was 
just 7.5 sec. The daily rate of change in separation distance travel time seems 
to be somewhere around +19.7 sec/day, as long as no further orbital corrections 
N53.5932 E9.4683 6mASL