NASA TV in Europe.

John Locker (
Sun, 10 Aug 1997 01:44:57 -0700

Dear all.....

On many an occassion we see reference through this mailing list, to NASA TV
,and various briefings,launches,etc , which are transmitted on a regular
basis into the USA.

For those of us who subscribe to the list in Europe the details are
digested,sometimes,with frustration,knowing that we will not be seeing the
transmissions on our satellite circuits.

For some time I have been lucky enough to see live relays of NTV showing
major Space events by monitoring the main News Agency satellite TV
feeds...shuttle launch/landing..Mir docking...Mars pathfinder etc.
As a result I have been working on a project to try to bring NASA TV to
European satellite/cable systems..and at last..things are looking hopeful.

One problem always faced in a situation like this is that of market potential.
Personally,I feel that there is an immense potential viewing population for
this type of programming in Europe..especially with recent events aboard
Mir..and the present ,and near future transmissions from Mars.

So......I would be interested to hear your views......would you tune in to
NASA TV if it became available to you?(direct to me at "satcom" may be best
to avoid cluttering this list)

Apologies to Systems Administrators for going slightly out of bandwidth
here,but if like me you have ever experienced watching a live downlink on TV
from the Mir,or Shuttle,then popped your head out of the window to see that
same craft fly overhead....or checked you PC tracking programme to that
shown on NTV, then you will know why I am so enthusiastic about the project.
Perhaps some of our subscribers in mainland USA could comment about how
helpful..if at all.. they find the programming.

Many thanks for your help..I will keep you posted as regards any progress.

Best wishes,

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