Re: 'Official' TiPS elsets are very accurate

Tue, 12 Aug 97 15:44:20 PDT

Alphonse Pouplier wrote:
>OK, but why does
>give 00006 as # when NORAD# is 23937 ???

Since that same question was asked and answered in May, I'm a little
hesitant about repeating myself, but here's a snippet of the original
May posting:

>The TiPS website has a link to their e-mail address at
>, so I asked this same question a few
>weeks ago and got back this reply...
>>   On the NORAD number being 00006, that is an artifact of the
>>procedure we use to get the elements onto the web page.  We get the
>>elements from Naval Space Command in a 1-line element set then run a
>>conversion program to generate the 2-line sets.  The 1-line format only
>>has 2 digits available to Satellite ID's, and for reasons unknown, TiPS
>>shows up as 06.  There also is (or was, I've lost track) a security issue
>>concerning the official ID and how that relates back to the host vehicle.
>>By leaving the 06, we've not had to worry about that.  I've not heard
>>anything of the number being 23937, the only other two ID number's I've
>>heard of are in the US Space Command analyst set, and they are 86399 for
>>Norton and 86398 for Ralph.  I'm not sure exactly why US Space Command
>>chose to implement two ID numbers, though might speculate that they were
>>planning on the tether breaking.

I didn't ask for clarification on the 86399 and 86398 numbers, which
I've never heard of.  In any case, I've gotten used to having both
#00006 and #23937 in my TLE files.  Frankly, I don't think the
different numbers are a bother.  I actually find it useful, because
it makes it easier for me to compare the two different elsets that
are available, when I feel a need to do a comparison.

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