Mir/Soyuz/Progress operations schedule

Agapov Vladimir (avm@kiam1.rssi.ru)
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 21:36:20 +0400 (MSD)


Here is preliminary Mir/Soyuz/Progress operations schedule:

Aug 14  ~08:56 UTC   undocking of Soyuz TM-25 from Mir station
                     (alternate times are 10:25 and 12:00 UTC)
                     Soyuz TM-25 will have mass around 6535 kg
                     at undock time including 2797 kg re-entry vehicle

Aug 14  11:21:53 UTC Soyuz TM-25 de-orbit burn

Aug 14  ~12:16 UTC   Landing of Soyuz' re-entry vehicle (46.82N, 69.49E)

Aug 15  1322-1410 UTC Redocking of Soyuz TM-26 from one port to another

Aug 16  12:43:12 UTC 1st manoeuvre of Progress M-35, dV=5.98 m/s (time
                     and value of this and followed manoeuvres are estimated
                     ones and will be recalculated on Aug 16-17 after precise
                     Progress' and Mir' orbits determination !)

Aug 17  11:45:29 UTC 2nd Progress' burn, dV=4.02 m/s

Aug 17  12:31:23 UTC 3rd Progress' burn, dV=0.58 m/s

Aug 17  ~13:30 UTC   docking of Progress M-35 to Mir station

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