MPEG Movies of Geosynchronous Satellites...

Ed Cannon (
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 02:31:05 -0500

> MPEG Movies of Geosynchronous Satellites from a Stardial-like camera
> On Apr 5-6, 1995, we pointed a camera like that for Stardial at a
> "constellation" of geosynchronous satellites.  <...>  In the image
> at right below, we have highlighted the satellites; in the image at
> left below, we have not altered their appearance.
> [Image] [Image]
> If you play the movies below, note that on egress (coming out of the
> shadow), the satellites become a few times brighter than their normal
> brightness. Probably this is due to specular reflection; the angle
> between the sun, the satellites, and the observer presumably was
> favorable for (specularly) reflecting light at the time of egress.
> Also note some satellites that are not geostationary. Two such
> satellites drift along in the movies below; both are also visible in
> the still images above. There's a lot of stuff up there!