Mir & Progress

James E. Byrd (jbyrd@seva.net)
Sat, 16 Aug 1997 22:13:31 -0400

Hello SeeSat Friends,

Noted passage of Mir 4 degrees under Polaris on Aug 17 01:43:16 and
Progress M-35 crossing same point at 01:45:07, 1m 51sec later.

A few seconds later another satellite emerged from earth shadow crossing
the track of Mir, headed northwestward.

After checking the satellite library, I believe it was DMSP B5D2-7. The
current elements I have for this satellite are about 18 days old, it's
appearance was about 14 minutes early if in fact it was BMSP B5D2-7.

Might have been something else however.

Have a good weekend. We are having 97F/36C days.

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