Re: Mir & Progress

Sat, 16 Aug 97 22:03:51 PDT

On Sat, 16 Aug 1997, James E. Byrd wrote:
> Noted passage of Mir 4 degrees under Polaris on Aug 17 01:43:16 and
> Progress M-35 crossing same point at 01:45:07, 1m 51sec later.

Progress continues to close the gap on Mir in preparation for the Sunday's
13:55 re-docking.  Mir passed 1 deg. below Polaris on Aug 17 04:48:11 UTC,
and Progress passed 1.3 deg. below Polaris about 1m 15 sec later.  I was
surrounded by ocean fog, but the only gap in the clouds was right where
both passed.  Progress was pretty faint.  I probably wouldn't have
been able to see it on this pass naked-eyed because of the poor phase
angle, and haziness due to water vapor lit by the full moon.

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