Re: Mir & Progress

Sun, 17 Aug 97 21:09:50 PDT

I saw the same pass that Jim Varney witnessed, roughly 150 mi. south of his

I haven't had many opportunities to observe such a close pairing of
two space craft.  Excellent!

I alerted San Francisco bay area amateur astronomers, and the reports are
beginning to trickle in;  Some report Progress as barely visible, like my
observation, and others report it was about mag 3 or so.

Jim Varney alluded to the rules that routine Mir sightings shouldn't be
mentioned here, and I agree, to a point;  I think that unusual Mir
observations should still be mentioned here when warranted, especially
ones involving a rendezvous so that later observers have a better idea where
to look.  The Kansas report posted by Richard Fredrick, for example, very
shortly before my upcoming pass, helped me alert local amateur astronomers
via e-mail what to look out for.  I was hoping for such a report, and
thanks to Richard, I got it.  Some of the locals now want to learn more
about satellite observing, so I think we may soon have a few more additions
to our community.

Craig Cholar