Re: Mir & Progress

Penny Orell (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 06:12:56 -0400

Hi everyone,

Saw a great Mir/Progress pass last night. The time was approximate 8:47 ET
(sorry for nothing more accurate!) We first saw the space station as it
moved below Polaris. It followed a long arc around the bottom 1/3 dome of
the sky.  About when reaching Cygnus, I checked for the Progress. It was
visible about 3 degrees away. I took the binocs away and viola! The supply
ship was visible as a small point of light and about 2- 2.5 magnitude
trailing behind Mir. The Progress and the Mir were visible for about another
half minute til they got lost in clouds somewhere in Pegasus. I believe the
Progress winked out before disappearing altogether.

A great pass witnessed by myself, brother and Dad. Once again, my brother
picked it out as it made its appearance over the roof.  

Regards and clearest skies!
40 lat.