One line reports and stopwatches

Ron Lee (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 19:22:48

>Note: My timings are not done with a stopwatch (I don't own one), but
>with a wristwatch set as accurately as I could to USNO time.  Errors
>therefore could be +-1 sec.  I've always been impressed with observers
>who report subsecond splits.  Maybe someday I'll have the right
>equipment to be able to do that.  Does anybody have recommendations for
>stopwatches and shortwave radios?  The radio is needed for picking
>up the time signal, right?  I'm willing to summarize the results, so
>feel free to send replies privately.  I think I generate too much
>net clutter sometimes.
>Craig Cholar   3432P@VM1.CC.NPS.NAVY.MIL

Sometimes I use a radio and sometimes I use a computer time program set
to WWV.  I will start the stopwatch on a minute then make a obs.  Since
my reaction time in both cases ia about the same, the accuracy can
approach less than 0.1 second.  However, other factors conspire such that
I seldom report better than 0.2 second. IN the case of some flash timings,
the major uncertainty is determining when the maximum is.

I use a Robic model SC-900S Sports Chronometer.  It can record up to 99
or so events, to include total elapsed time and interval since last event.

It has two large buttons to start and stop.  However, someone was less than
enthused about this one (MIke McCants?).   Perhaps he has insight into a 
better one.  This was the best I could find locally.   My only complaint
is that one of the two long buttons on the front switches between functions
so you have to verify it is in the proper mode before your obs needing the
stopwatch function.

Ron Lee