Tonight's goodies

Leigh Palmer (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 23:17:52 -0700

I was trying to compare Bill Bard's Orbitrack predictions with Starry
Night's. They differed considerably* on tonight's Mir pass for some
inexplicable reason (but I was probably doing something wrong) on an
appulse with beta Sco, one of my favorite stars (it is at least a
sextuple!). Mir was right on time at 21:38:13 PDT according to Starry
Night using the freshest elements I could find for Mir:

16609 Mir
1 16609U 86017A   97230.13927675  .00034032  00000-0  42070-3 0  5304
2 16609  51.6540 134.6121 0004806  39.0681 321.0684 15.59781764656697

My location is 49o14'20" N, 122o58'08" W (50 m altitude).

Later on Starry Night predicted the appulse of NOSS 2-2 E with gamma
Sco bang on at 22:34:00. Those classified elements sure are skookum;
many thanks to whomever generates them. I couldn't even see C & D
until two minutes later when they were farther from the Moon. They
were two mags fainter than E. has anyone noticed that sort of
difference before?


* 0.4 degrees in altitude, seven seconds in time