Re: Tonight's goodies

Mon, 18 Aug 97 23:21:37 PDT

Leigh Palmer mentioned in a NOSS trio observation:
>... Those classified elements sure are skookum;
>many thanks to whomever generates them. I couldn't even see C & D
>until two minutes later when they were farther from the Moon. They
>were two mags fainter than E. has anyone noticed that sort of
>difference before?

Yes, one NOSS object is often brighter than the other two.  I guess
one is larger than the other.  Now, a question back at Leigh... What
the *heck* is skookum?!? :-)  I've never heard *that* one before.

I keep watching NOSS trios hoping for a repeat of an observation
I made in September '96 where an entire trio was -4 or better in
magnitude.  Despite dozens of NOSS passes since then, with all kinds
of phase angles and distances, not once have I seen a similiar
pass; not even close.  Only a few passes could even be considered
readily apparent to the naked eye, and I never have to observe
from within a city light dome (the Milky Way is visible from my
backyard).  I don't recall other Seesat subscribers mentioning
any negative magnitude NOSS passes recently, either.  If anyone sees
one, please don't keep it to yourselves.

Craig C.