Saw Shuttle!

Bill Bard (
19 Aug 1997 07:47:37 -0400

Fortunately, being right after sun rise, the sky was clear there and was 
still a good shade of blue. The shuttle was a bright white and seemed to 
get brighter as it went towards the sun. With binoculars, I could make 
out a shape. I could tell the nose and could see either the wing or tail 
pointing up (I couldn't tell which and if it was making a bank, it could 
have been the wing pointing up). I was able to follow it for about a 
minute and didn't see any thruster firings (or no contrails were seen). 

This is the second sighting from here of the shuttle. A few years back, I =

glimpsed it going between some clouds. This one was much better. The 
sonic boom followed a couple of minutes later.

Bill Bard