RE: shuttle sighting

Jeff Hunt (
Tue, 19 Aug 97 08:02:55

I'm sorry, but Andre Beckus's observation doesn't qualify for posting to 
SeeSat-L as the shuttle at this time was not a satellite and re-entry had 
already occurred.


Congratulations on being prepared and being able to see the DC-9 size 
shuttle at that relatively high altitude (80,000 ft?) in which Sun was 
already 12 deg. above the eastern horizon. You must have had a good 
reflection, at least for a while.

I will pipe in here and add to Jim Varney's (redundant;-) post, my 
non-technical observation last night (01:21 UTC Aug 19) of Mir. I also 
observed a beautiful glint (actually, more like a flare) just before Mir 
entered the terminator which lasted 1-2 seconds shortly after zenith. I've 
seen them at low elevations just before going over the horizon, but when 
observed at a high elevation, they are even more spectacular.

-Jeff Hunt <>

--- On Tue, 19 Aug 1997 08:00:34 -0500  Andre Beckus 
<> wrote in part:

>  I live in St. Petersburg, and I went out on my roof in hopes of seeing
>the shuttle pass as it headed for KSC to land.  I wasn't very optimistic
>about actually seeing it though, since I wasn't sure if it would be high
>enough above the horizon or if it would be large enough to see.  To my
>surprise, at about 11:00 UT, a bright fast moving "star" appeared to the
>south heading north-east.  It was moving much faster than any ordinary
>plane.  It was at about a 40 degree elevation (I'm not very good with
>estimating elevation, though, so don't take this too seriously).