Re: single-line numbers

Tue, 19 Aug 97 20:48:48 PDT

>I know about the 2-line elements but it's those single-line numbers I
>don't understand.
>Jake Rees
>>When anyone sees something here that's not understood, ask about it
>>Jay Respler

And don't forget the great Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page at:

The single-line numbers (if referring to flash measurements),
are described in detail at:

My hat's off to the curators: Neil Clifford, Bart De Pontieu,
Jeff Hunt, and anyone else who has had a hand in maintaining the
website.  Great job, guys!  If it's been awhile since you've
visited it, check out some of the updates.

Some other one-line sets of numbers show up here from time to time,
usually with the tag 'In Mike McCants format'.  I think those are
meant as input to a program called Fitelem, written by Mike McCants.
Fitelem is used to manually adjust orbital elements to match

Ok, now it's my turn for yet another question:  If I start doing
positional measurements, should I send them here, or to somebody
else?  The VSOHP page on positional measurements mentions sending
such observations to the Royal Greenwich Observatory.  Does anybody
on this list really do this?  Are those measurements gathered, and
used to produce elements for classified objects, or do 'amatuers'
(I use that term only because most of us don't earn money from this)
do all the dirty work of maintaining classified elsets?

Craig Cholar