Re: Any historic spacecraft?
Thu, 21 Aug 1997 00:37:24 -0400 (EDT)

<| While driving to and from work this week, I've been listening to the<
<| Apollo 13 story (book on tape) by Jim Lovell.  The story got me to
<| wondering if there are any "historic" spacecraft in orbit around the
<| Earth or Moon -- Apollo 13 service module, LEM, etc.
<| Rob Miller
<| Coralville, Iowa

Mr. Miller,

Concerning spacecraft orbiting the Moon:

(With the exception of Apollo 11) after the ascent stage of the LM had docked
with the CSM in lunar orbit, the LM was jettisoned for an intentional impact
with the lunar surface.  Seismometers and other instruments left on the
surface listened to these impacts and were able to deduce information
concerning the Moon's core.  In fact, the lack of a molten interior resulted
in the core ringing "like a bell" after the impacts.

John P. Kavanagh
Buffalo, NY

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