Re: single-line numbers

Wed, 20 Aug 97 23:21:15 PDT

I asked a question about whether obs should be sent to the RGO
(Royal Greenwich Observatory), as suggested on the VSOHP website.
I got a private reply from the UK, and excerpt of which follows...

> Don't bother ... The only work done now is laser work and
> no optical analysis is carried out on ANY visual work by
> any analyst anywhere in the UK. As far as I am concerned,
> it is a waste of time to send obs to RGO, and other visual
> - far more prolific observers than I - also agree.

I'll not reveal the name of individual, since the reply was private.
Other parts of the reply that I've omitted indicated that the author
has had extensive dealings with the RGO.

I'll leave it to others to decide whether or not the references
to the Royal Greenwich Observatory should stay on the VSOHP website.
The specific page in question, for the curious:

I've yet to hear from anyone who is sending obs to GRO.  If you
are, and they are being used, please let us know.  I believe a
few months ago there was brief mention in Seesat-L that precise
visual obs of some satellites such as LAGEOS were being requested
by some organization, but I can't recall the details.  I'll do an
archive search to refresh my memory.

 Craig Cholar