Re Entry ..Brazil..July 1st ?

John Locker (
Thu, 21 Aug 1997 08:29:15 -0700

 [ Reported by Jose' Calixto de Alencar, from "Agencia JB" ]

 " (...) Many people told that they have witnessed the incandescent
object caving in over the region, producing a "great bang". (...) The
farmer [Mr. Fogoio] told he has observed the object for 6 minutes,
before it crashed.

 The cowboy Gilberto Braga, who lives in Nova Brasilandia, was the only
who had courage to touch the object.  "It seems an iron ball, bigger
than a tractor, that released an odd smell", describes the cowboy.  

Sounds like a bit of launcher debris to me.....any ideas?