Fw: Year 2000 Problem for TLEs??

Bryan Dort (bdort@freeway.net)
Fri, 22 Aug 1997 17:30:29 -0400

Bruno Tilgner wrote: 
> code is well advised to change it in time. This can be done by a simple
> range check of the year. For instance, if  year < 57 (before the first
> Sputnik) then it must be in the next century.
> This does not solve the problem of the transition from 2099 to 2100,
> but perhaps we can leave this up to our grand-grandchildren to deal
> with.

This problem would resurface in the year 2057 if year < 57 is considered
the next century.  That means are children will be dealing with it not our
grand-grandchildren. ;-)  

Maybe TLEs could be changed from [T]wo [L]ine [E]lements to [3] [L]ine
[E]lements (3LE or maybe 4LE) to fit the additional data that everyone
seems to need:  Century; Std. Mag; Std Freq; Mass; etc.

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