I did NOT see Iridium.

Ron Lee (ronlee@pcisys.net)
Sat, 23 Aug 1997 09:07:28

First, thanks Craig for defining the LOCAL conditions for your
great Iridium glint.   I had the same opportunity a few nights
ago.  All 5 of that launch were coming up, making increasingly
higher passes about 10-15 minutes apart.  After seeing nothing 
on the lowest elevation pass. I gave up.

The last two mornings I have tried to view the newest Iridium launch
(#24903-24907) and missed each time.  The first time I decided I 
tried to look too early on a south to north pass.

This morning I waited to look as they passed through Orion.  And I 
still missed them.  Verified that the orbits are still the same
so I can't explain the miss yet.

If anyone has pass conditions similar to what Craig described, I would
go look.   Seeing all 5 glint like that at about the same time would be 

Ron Lee