Re: Lewis launch observed

Brian Webb (102670.1206@CompuServe.COM)
23 Aug 97 12:38:27 EDT

Hello all. If any of you manage to observe the Lewis spacecraft in orbit, please
let us know.
Last night I was on the top of a water tank high in the mountains above Santa
I was 48.5 statute miles east of the launch pad. At 23:51 PDT (06:51 UTC), I saw
the sky
behind a distant mountain light up. Then the LMLV appeared over the hill. I was
a very
bright yellowish light.

The vehicle climbed and then turned southward. While the vehicle was in the
atmosphere and the first stage still burning, the flame was at least 10 degrees
There was a long, thin yellowish white central flame surrounded by a fainter
blue flame.

Was saw all three stages! Very beautiful.


Brian Webb
Thousand Oaks, California