Re: M34 re-entry...July 1st/2nd

Alan Pickup (
Sat, 23 Aug 1997 20:01:00 +0100

In message <>, John Locker
<> writes
>A few days ago I put out a request about a mysterious re-entry which took
>place July 1st/2nd,the object impacting in Brazil.
>Alan very kindly replied pointing out that around the time of the impact
>Progress M34 was re-entering...and that in fact at 22:42 UTC on July 1st  it
>would have passed over the co-ordinates  13.3S     58.1W which are very
>close to the site of the crater.
>Could it be that this craft re-entered in tact,and crashed down into the
>Matto Grosso are?

Perhaps a misunderstanding. The Progress M-34 orbit took it over those
coordinates at 22:42 UTC on July 1, yet the final elements I posted
suggest that it was still in orbit at July 2.16686 (ie 04:00 UTC, more
than five hours later). Hence my suggestion that it might have been a
different object falling the Mir/Progress orbital plane.

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