Re: ACE Elset : Heads up Australia

Tony Beresford (
Sun, 24 Aug 1997 15:52:00 +0900

At 13:18 23/08/97, you wrote:
>The start of the second burn occurs at night
>over the NE part of Australia.  
>Burn about 15:40 - 15:44 UT on 24 Aug.
>Any corrections or refinements to my analysis welcome.
>Ron Lee
I have been checking out visibility using the TLE Ron produced
Only observers North of the Lizard Island resort[exclusive] on the Great Barrier Reef have any hope. The biggest population centre to see the burn
would be Port Morseby the capital of Papua-New Guinea , at moderate
elevations in the south travelling W to E.
It isnt visible from Cairns, or Port Douglas further to the south
in Queensland.
Tony Beresford