Saw Mir and TiPs

jwilson (
Sun, 24 Aug 97 21:58:59 -0400

Saw Mir behind clouds tonite (Sunday) at about 20:28. Thought I was going 
to miss it since the only clouds in the sky were over it.  But it peeked 
out enough so I could see it.  Saw Tips for the first time at about 21:22 
next to Hercules.  Missed it went it went by Mirac because of light 
pollution probably.  Needed my 10 x 70 binocs to get it.  I could only 
follow it for about 20 seconds.  A difficult object to nail down.  A 
little beginner's luck played a part but am glad I saw it.

James -

"Fall 7 times, stand up 8." Japanese Proverb