What satellite was this?

Jim Martin (jdmartin@itt.com)
Mon, 25 Aug 97 07:10:02 -0500

     I am a VERY knew visual observer, and would like to know if anyone can 
     identify the satellite that I saw last Friday nite.  Pardon if my way 
     of expressing location is not what you are used to, but this is what I 
     wrote down. NOTE:  After many observations of MIR, I know that this 
     satellite was something else.
     Date:  22 August 1997
     Time:  2058 Local (CST)  UTC -5
     Observer Location: 41.12.01 N  85.42.20 W
     Satellite Location: 30 degrees elevation(within constellation 
     Cassiopeia), 030 azimuth, heading SE
     Approximate magnitude: 2 to 3
     Can anyone tell me what this one was?
     Jim D. Martin