Re: TLEs: SeaStar ... MM plot

Bjoern Gimle (
Mon, 25 Aug 1997 20:41:14 +0200

>... When I saw your mail, I just created a very simple 
>32-line program for Windows, that will produce plots for one object
>in one file for each chart. No other runtime options, but you can
>modify the source if you like. 
>    '   ChartSetXaxis( 97215,97238)
>    '   ChartSetYaxis( 15.0,15.9 )
>        ChartControl ( _Show )
The two set-axis commands where included only to maximize the plot
scale for current Seastar elsets (to day 97237 or so)
With comment apostrophes prepended, scaling will be automatic, and
usually satisfactory.

After entering your object USSPACECOM numbers/file names, you
enter 0 and Cancel the File Open dialog. After that, you can 
open your plot windows, rescale, print, and/or close them.

The program files are now under my home page in programs/ibmpc/index.htm
A separate page with elsets and MM plot is available from my home page.

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