Re: Should we be seeing rock

Tony Beresford (
Thu, 28 Aug 1997 23:39:50 +0900

At 07:54 28/08/97 -0400, Bill Bard wrote:
>I've seen only 1 burn before. It was a shuttle OMS burn on the original
Nice description Bill. From my local knowledge:-
Bill Bradfield( comet Observer) observed at injection of a DSP satellite ( Shuttlelaunched) into Geostationary[ over 150W]. Low in ENE from
here the particle cloud lasted over 30 minutes. Bill 
who wasa rocket Engineer was not surprised considering most
of particles would be aluminium oxide. 
Justin Tilbrook several years ago observed a diffuse spherical glow
moving in a path and speed appropiate to a satellite.
You probably saw ice particles. I was thinking more on the lines
of seeing the chemical reaction of the exhaust products and the
atmosphere. It was proved by observation years ago that an OMS
burn product puts up the loss rate for electrons in the shuttles
vicinity, thereby ceating a horizontal cylinder of lower electron
density in the ionosphere.
Tony Beresford