RE: Sputnik 1 and 2 TLE

Jeff Hunt (
Thu, 28 Aug 97 17:03:08

My thanks to Sven for going to the trouble of producing the elements for 
such historical sats. I will keep those as long as I stay interested in sat 

Who would have believed such a coincidence in which the elements for the 
oldest sats 00001 and (almost) the newest sat, FORTE just happened to have 
the same catalog number.

Just a reminder to those who maintain their own element database (like 
SatPro) to change the cat. no. for FORTE to something arbitrary like 99999.
I had just installed the elements from Sven and then I installed the 
predicted elements from Eric. The FORTE elements over wrote the elements for 
Sputnik 1 (since the epoch is slightly newer ;-) and when I went to look at 
the track for Sputnik 1, it didn't make any sense until I realized what I 
had done.  Duuuh.

Thanks to Eric for the predicted elements for FORTE (seriously). It doesn't 
look like those North America will get too many tee-shirts :-(

Jeff Hunt <>