RE: Iridium bunch, Mir, etc.

Jeff Hunt (
Thu, 28 Aug 97 17:25:31

--- On Thu, 28 Aug 1997 14:47:20 -0400 (EDT)  Walter Nissen 
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>Is there any significance to the fact the Iridia are being catalogued and 
>numbered in inverse order? 

It would seem that the Iridia appear above the horizon in numerical order. 
Their ground control system must require they be in numberical order to 
properly sequence the communications to a given ground station.
(just joking)
>On Tuesday the front-page headline in the Plain Dealer was "Mir Crew Hit 
>by New Trouble", meaning the oxygen generators.  On Wednesday, the page 3 
>report referred to those "widespread reports -- all based on NASA 
>information" and further reported that "Russian ground controllers branded 
>that 'utter nonsense'", going on to say that everything has been fine on 
>board and that "'We think we coordinate things quite well' with NASA. 
>'It's all the media's fault'". 

I think there is some truth in that. The media like to jump on hot stories. 
Unfortunately, NASA published the story without providing timely follow up 
information from the RSA. It sound like there was a break down of 
communication between NASA and RSA on a potentially serious situation that 
the RSA didn't feel was significant.
I will try to stay off-line for a while.

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