Superbird A Obs, 29 Aug 97, Colorado, USA

Ron Lee (
Thu, 28 Aug 1997 21:22:20

Using my 8" I first saw flashes about 02:47 UT on 29 Aug 97]
(2047 local on 28 Aug).  Maximum estimated to occur in the
02:50-02:52 time frame. Flashes gone about 02:58 ut.

Max brightness approx 5th magnitude. I did see at least one 
flash in 7x50 binocs.

Referring to an obs I made on 18 Feb 97, I observed at least 
two flash sessions. The second one appeared similar in brightness]
and duration to what I observed tonight.  The primary flash 
session occurred around 02:36 UT that night (the second at 03:49 UT)

If I observed the second  AND IF the 01:13 delta applies still, the
primary maximum would occur about 01:38 UT  (19:38 local), which
is too light.

NOw I will send this and go back to see what Rob predicted.