Forte Update

Eric Rosenberg (
Fri, 29 Aug 97 11:23:10 est

Drop time was 15:02:22  8-29-97

Separation from 3rd stage was 15:13:38

Note The pre-launch keplerians [below] were based on a Pegasus drop 
time from the L-1011 of 15:00:00 UTC, with the epoch 11:17 
post-drop...this is the separation time at the end of the third stage 
burn of the Pegasus. 

1 00001U 99001A   97241.63283565  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0    15 
2 00001  70.0020 272.5930 0001034 195.6230 331.1350 14.27534500    12

All you have to do is that Delta [00:02:22] to the epoch of the element set, and
estimate roughly the AOS time and azimuth (this does not, of course, 
account for lower or higher than predicted sma's, off-zero gamma at 
injection, etc. etc., but should be enough for an initial contact).  
Plug the above into your favorite tracker and you can see the path 
quite clearly.

The path of the first orbit goes over southwestern coast of South 
America, the eastern Coast of Africa, India and Pakistan, Alaska and 

Forte technical details: 

FORTE UHF beacon: 401.565 MHz
MODULATION: either 256 of 1024 bps bi-phase, max 3db BW: 16KHz EIRP: 
about 1 Watt into a 1/4 wave Monopole 

Looking forward to your reports.

Thanks in advance from the Forte and Pegasus teams. 



Eric Rosenberg  W3DQ (ex-WD3Q)