A Flasher

Sroller (sroller@uscom.com)
Fri, 29 Aug 1997 18:13:40 -0400

I liked this guy as the first great flasher (3.5 sec./per)
05730 Aureole 1 R/B.  (back in June 28th).  Was about mag. 3


At 01:10 PM 8/29/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>>	Vanguard 1 sounds hard to show to a crowd, I'm afraid.
>>>	What is the oldest satellite currently in orbit that can reach
>>>NAKED EYE visibility? How about the oldest that can become bright enough
>>>to show people naked-eye from a suburban location, say 3rd magnitude?
>For those at low latitudes, 00694 ( 63 47A ) is a reliable crowd pleaser
>with a nice tumble and bright enough to see from town.
>Stephen Thompson
>>30.5 N 84 W