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Sat, 30 Aug 97 16:57:41 est

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Subject: FORTE Observed
Author: at #internet
Date:    30-08-97 00:31

Oh well, I didn't finish "in the money" but it was fun looking!
FORTE for me was steady at 4th magnitude.  Culmination was 37 deg 
above the eastern horizon.  This elset from OIG
1 24920U 97047A   97241.88321338  .00000167  00000-0  10000-3 0    26 
2 24920  69.9597 273.6753 0024085 168.8226 191.3468 14.22578340    30
was off quite a bit.  FORTE was 2 min 42.5 sec early and the track was 
2 degress to the west.
The OIG elset for 97047B had me looking for the booster, supposedly 
trailing, but I did not see it.
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