Re: Iridium 1 no-shows

Ron Lee (
Sat, 30 Aug 1997 16:23:57

Thanks Paul...that should help.  Seems that many of the recent flare passes
have had maximum elevations in the 50-56 degree range with the flare at the
beginning or end of the pass.  So I suspect that Craig should see flares
very soon.


>Hi folks, I live out in far west Houston, and when Paul Maley gives warnings
>about certain sightings, I usually take notice. I saw the Aug 25-26 (AM of
>the 26th) pass. The maximum elevation of the Iridiums was over 50 degrees,
>but the brilliant flares took place lower in the sky, essentially opposite
>the sun, when they were some 20 to 30 degrees up. Hope this helps.
>FYI, I just moved back to Houston after spending four years in Alberta,
>Canada. I was Ted Molczan's "western Canadian" observer in case you saw Ted
>use that moniker. 
>Paul L. Sventek