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    > I am hoping that your posting will not be discouraging to beginners
    > such as Debbie Leedy.
    Me, too.
    > I could almost get the impression that you were
    > scolding her for her posting. perhaps that was not your intention,
    No, no; that was not my intention.  I am affirming her statement, "It
    was neat to see, and unexpected!" and hoping to see many more of that
    sort.  I am hoping to focus attention on the dilemma that detailed
    description suppresses delight at the unexpected, with hope for more
    observing, more reports, more ...
    > I am still a beginner, but I never cease to be amazed at how  kind and
    > generous the experienced SeeSat listers have been at responding
    > patiently to newbie questions.
    > the descriptive and often beautiful descriptions given here are of
    > greater value to me than a list of numbers.
    This is understandable, but the numbers are intended to help you see
    more and understand more about what you see.
    If you've read the VSOHP,, and the pages
    under it, including especially the FAQ, and still have questions about
    the meaning of the numbers, then you should pester various appropriate
    people.  Perhaps you or someone else would be motivated to collect
    together the descriptions of the various formats in which those numbers
    appear.  I would love to see that because I don't know readily where to
    look for the details on some of those columns.  If the result of that
    effort looks too much like a text file and not enough like an exciting
    educational experience, maybe someone else will be motivated to turn it
    into a wonderful Web destination.  Well, maybe that's quite a reach, but
    you understand my point.
    It's hard for the experienced to know all the details about what the
    newbies need to know and hard for the newbies to write authoritatively.
    But that shows how important it is for everyone to chip in, if our
    "anarchy" is to have meaning.
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