Re: Perhaps Lacrosse 4 will go into a 68 deg inclination after all.

From: Daniel Deak (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 11:49:05 PDT

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    Ted Molczan wrote:
    > If this interpretation is correct, then I believe that the available clues now
    > point more strongly to a 68 deg inclination than my earlier guess of 57 deg.
    Very good analysis !
    Congrats for your implication in the Titan IV launch story published in Florida
    Today at
    This is a good example of how dedicated amateur work can benefit the public
    at large and give a sense at all those positional observations we see reported on
    SeeSat-L even if they are of little interest to the beginner like I was 2 years ago.
    I think it should be a high priority for all on SeeSat to track this launch and
    every observation is important even if it's not reported in a standard format.
    A description of the pass seen in relation to reference stars and a good fix on
    time can give some useful clues.
    As complementary info, I've read this in Aviation Week & Space Technology
    in the August 7 issue, p.66 about last May launch :
    "The NRO also is moving toward operation of its new Enhanced Imaging
    System satellite, the first of which could have been launched last May from
    Vandenberg. (Deak's note : May 1999, 1999-028A, #25744, USA 144)
    The EIS is designed for broader area coverage, longer dwell time over target
    and more rapid transmission.
    The EIS is an upgraded version of the high-resolution advanced version of
    the Lockheed-Martin KH-11 type optical/infrared series used by the NRO
    for many years. There are two primary advanced KH-11 types now in orbit,
    possibly still supported by a third older satellite."
    Question to Ted : What would be those 3 satellites they are talking about ?
    Could they be USA 116, 129 and 86 ?
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