ERS-1 Double Flare

Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 22:10:48 PDT

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    Despite some high thin clouds ERS-1 #21574 91050A made two bright brief
    flares. The first was at 04:46:57 +/- 3 sec 23 Aug UTC reached -6 mag Az 80
    deg El 70 deg. It was easily spotted even with the cloud cover. The second
    occured at 04:48:12 +/- 3 sec approx 5 deg East of Polaris but was only -2 mag.
    Although both were very brief, a second of so, they were bright enough for
    me to classify as flares and not flashes. The second one especially i could
    see it start to brighten, then reach it's peak and fade to invisible.
    Reguardless, if you have a chance to observe ERS-1 then do so as it makes a
    nice sight.
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