UNID flasher & Gorizont 23

From: paul (astro@pgog.net)
Date: Thu Aug 29 2002 - 02:48:33 EDT

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    91- 46 A 02-08-29 05:56:58.1 PG 2861.4 0.2 51  56.11  F'F'+4.5->inv
    46A was not flashing at 0437 ut, next time I looked 0507 ut
    it was flashing and I started this sequence 0509:16.6
    I saw an UNID F'F' mag +5->inv flasher in same bino fov as 46A
    UN- ID X 02-08-29 05:59.3    PG   66.7 0.2  1  66.7   ~17h34.05-07.06deg
    I saw 3 flashes from this UNID but since I was otherwise
    involved with 46A timing, etc, and was closing down I did not
    get to study it further.  I did have the sense that the 66 sec
    period was regular, but...  odd occurrence that I happened to 
    have a 2d sw for 1 split.  66 sec did not seem to match the list that Ed
    posted yesterday and Guide8 has Raduga 11 9 deg PA 346 from 46A and 
    outside bino fov and Gorizont 17 also 9 deg PA 261,
    but also see that Ed did not include these two in his list.
    Guide8 is usually correct, although I have minimal experience
    using it with near geo sats (it has found 46A every night :)
    and highfly confirms both Raduga 11 & Gorizont 17 were up
    here.  the above_listed RA-Dec is rough, but the UNID was within
    4 deg of 46A at 0559:20~ 
    Paul Gabriel 8305
    26.24306N 098.21614W GPS (CT|UTC-6/-5)
    +35.97m USGS/NED, -25.22m EGM96 Geoid height
    +10.75m WGS-84 Ellipsoid height
    aka McAllen, Texas USA 78504-2940
    "wherever you go, there you are"
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