Daylight passes at H-A??

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Mon Aug 02 2004 - 14:21:51 EDT

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    I may be overlooking the obvious (wouldn't be the 1st time) but will someone
    please explain why the satellite passes listed here
    appear to be daylight passes (according to the times listed) when yet the
    sun is listed as being below the horizon? The sun's altitude is listed on
    the page you come to when you click on a specific time.
    Pass Details
    Date:  Monday, 02 August, 2004
    Satellite:  Cosmos 2333 Rocket
    Observer's Location:  uftg ( 37.8967S, 145.2994W)
    Local Time:  Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT + 10:00)
    Orbit:  841 x 861 km, 70.9 (Epoch 31 Jul)
    Sun altitude at time of maximum pass altitude:  -6.2
    Maximum altitude 13:23:28
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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