Help needed for OIG terms

From: Fam. F. de Graaff (
Date: Wed Aug 04 2004 - 19:18:39 EDT

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    Dear members,
    I am learning every day, and studying a lot.
    Thanks to your help, your mail etcetera.
    I am now permitted to search for interesting information in the OIG D'bases.
    Still I am not sure, the exact meaning of some words/ sentences.
    Please can someone "translate"or explain the following sentences.
    I realize that it might be very simple for you, but for me, as a newcomer,
    some things I do not understand properly.
    What means:
    The following objects have been reported as cataloged:
    for example:
    2004-026A    28376 AURA                      US     2004/07/15   98.5   98.2
    688    684
    And: The following objects have been reported as decayed:
    for example
    1997-002D    24716 ARIANE DEB (SPELDA)       FR     1997/01/30 2004/06/30
    1983-127Q    27468 SL-12 DEB                 CIS    1983/12/29 2004/07/11
    And: The following objects have been reported as modified:
    for example
    1984-049B    14989 ARIANE 1 R/B              FR     1984/05/23 1986/03/17
    1984-081C    15165 ARIANE 3 R/B              FR     1984/08/04 1990/05/29
    I shall be very thankful for your help.
    It needs no hurry, so take your time for answering me.
    Friendly Regards,
    Frits de Graaff
    51.9830 degrees N. and 5.8000 degrees E.
    Local time now is 01:17, that is Central European Summer Time ( gmt +2:00)
    Date 2004-08-05 in Holland ( night )
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