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From: Brad Young (
Date: Wed Aug 04 2004 - 19:26:17 EDT

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    Observed OAO 2 r/b (03598) and Cosmos 304 r/b (04139) on 8/3/04 from Tulsa.
    They appeared to "collide" to the naked eye - I estimate now after the shock
    they were actually 1/2 degree apart at closest approach at 02:54:54 UT. I
    was shocked because both were unids to me at the time - although they were
    both easily seen naked eye. I had been following 03598 for 45 seconds when
    04139 approached from the north. What a spectacle! Later identified them
    using FindSat. Now for the question: I know they were miles apart but
    haven't found a good (read: easy) way to calculate their range at that
    moment. My site is:
    Tulsa, OK USA
    36.154 N
    95.993 W
    Elevation 650 feet
    Thanks in advance, Brad Young
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