Messenger imaged Monday night from Houston

From: Joseph A. Dellinger (
Date: Thu Aug 05 2004 - 16:05:33 EDT

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    	You can see the animation here:

    	Bill Dillon and I were out shooting variables and asteroids
    Monday night, and decided to try to go after Messenger as well. We shot
    a series of 20 guided 30-second exposures. We shot the coord's we got
    from Horizon, which turned out not to be that accurate. The object was
    close to the edge of our field, but we still got it.
    	Can anyone tell us whether this is Messenger itself, or its
    3rd stage? We ought to be able to do astrometry on the images if there is
    any value in doing so. Our clock is only accurate to about the nearest
    second, though. To do better than that accuracy we have to manually
    launch each exposure, listen for the shutter click, and write down the
    exact time. For this field we didn't do that; we just set up a sequence
    and let the camera shoot.
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