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Date: Fri Aug 06 2004 - 03:00:28 EDT

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    Hi Jeff,
    Earlier this year I spent an evening observing the geos  at a time when a
    nearly full Moon was very near to the arc. It was a period when the birds
    were at their brightest , but they became impossible to see once the moon
    was within about 5 degrees.....So in answer to your question , I very much
    doubt it would be possible to view a geo transit even when the moon was in
    an early phase.
    I have also tried to image a group of geos during a sun outage solar transit
    , again no joy due to the very small size of the birds at that distance (
    40,000 km)
    However , to give me an idea of how much of the solar disk the birds would
    cover , I created this simulation  , from two actual images.
    I was quite surprised how the satellites spread across the solar disk.
    Just for fun I also created a composite of what the Eutelsat Hotbirds would
    look like as they tracked in front of M42
    ( This would have taken place 1855gmt March 1st  2004 from a location south
    of Paris ) again using my own images.
    The results can be seen here
    and  here
    More geosat fun at :
    (All images subject to copyright restrictions)
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    > Has anyone ever seen a geosat transiting the moon? I
    > guess it would be hard to pick out due to the speed
    > and the moon's brightness. Has anyone ever seen a
    > geosat transit the sun?
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