Re: Geosat Transit Question

From: Jeff Umbarger (
Date: Fri Aug 06 2004 - 05:22:23 EDT

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    Thanks John,
         You've clearly confirmed that there are no new
    ideas :) In thinking about it some more, the best case
    scenario I could come up with is being on the equator
    at vernal *and* autumnal equinox. On those two days
    the sun would rise directly in the east and pass
    directly overhead and set directly in the west. While
    doing so, it would pass behind every "above horizon"
    geosat for the given longitude of the observer. A
    movie of the magnified sun would show each geosat
    passing across the diameter of the sun. It would, of
    course, have to be clear all day and I'm thinking of
    the desert east of the Andes. However like you say,
    given the diameter of the satellites and the distance
    from the observer and the brightness of the sun, I
    don't know if this would be an observable event.
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