Re: Geosat Transit Question

From: John Locker (
Date: Fri Aug 06 2004 - 05:54:52 EDT

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    Hi Jeff,
    Yes this is something I considered a few years ago.I had the idea that if ,
    during the Solar Outrage periods , when the sun passed behind each geosat in
    turn , a large  projection of the sun could be produced , it might just be
    possible to see a tiny pin point silhouette of a geo bird.
    Earlier this year I did scan the sun , during the outage , with a 5 arc
    minute field of view set up , but no sign.The physical size of the birds in
    arc seconds , is just too small to be resolved.
    Shame really ;o(
    Subject: Re: Geosat Transit Question
    > Thanks John,
    >      You've clearly confirmed that there are no new
    > ideas :) In thinking about it some more, the best case
    > scenario I could come up with is being on the equator
    > at vernal *and* autumnal equinox. On those two days
    > the sun would rise directly in the east and pass
    > directly overhead and set directly in the west. While
    > doing so, it would pass behind every "above horizon"
    > geosat for the given longitude of the observer. A
    > movie of the magnified sun would show each geosat
    > passing across the diameter of the sun. It would, of
    > course, have to be clear all day and I'm thinking of
    > the desert east of the Andes. However like you say,
    > given the diameter of the satellites and the distance
    > from the observer and the brightness of the sun, I
    > don't know if this would be an observable event.
    >      Regards,
    >           Jeff
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