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From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Sat Aug 07 2004 - 09:32:01 EDT

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    Graham wrote:
    > Expect them to come aknockin.!
    >  "We know China and Russia are working on lasers that can 
    > blind our satellites. By publicly broadcasting their 
    > location, we make their job easy -- point and shoot.
    Any country having the resources to pursue such a program, would find it
    relatively easy to develop an independent satellite tracking capability. It is
    well known that Russia has a robust satellite tracking capability. I do not know
    about China, but satellite tracking is well within its technological grasp.
    Certainly, I can not imagine any country making the success of such a program
    dependent upon sources of orbital data not under its control, much less
    > "Other satellite issues are equally troubling. For example, it 
    > is known that the Milstar, the main U.S. battlefield 
    > coordinating satellite, was knocked out for three hours in a 
    > Y2K glitch. Without the Milstar, the U.S. military is 
    > essentially blind on the battlefield. Much of the satellite 
    > data used to fight the Gulf War was coordinated through the 
    > Australia-based facilities at Pine Gap. "
    A Y2K glitch has nothing to do with the availability of orbital elements.
    The author of the article in question, Anthony LoBaido, wrote an opinion piece
    dated 2001 Sep 13, in which he speculated about "filthy Jay Leno monologues" and
    other possible causes of the 9-11 tragedy:
    "Is New York the head of the "Great Satan"? All that is evil in the world can be
    found in New York: MTV, the United Nations, the U.N. abortion programs, the
    Council on Foreign Relations, New Age Church of St. John the Divine, Wall Street
    greed, Madison Avenue manipulation and of course more confirmed AIDS cases than
    the rest of America combined. Let's remember the filthy sodomite gay parade last
    summer in New York. Let's remember all the New York politicians falling all over
    themselves to praise this sick spectacle.
    And let's not forget that New Yorkers elected - by a landslide - the openly
    Marxist, treasonous and abortion-mongering, occultic Hillary to a Senate seat.
    All while fully knowing what she was all about."
    "Can the remnant in America help but honestly ask themselves: Is this the
    fulfillment of Revelation chapters 17 and 18 (Mystery Babylon) or has God raised
    up Shiite Islam as a sword against America?"
    Ted Molczan
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