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From: Andy Kirkham (
Date: Sun Aug 08 2004 - 16:29:39 EDT

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    Ted wrote.....
    > Some may find the prospect of such discussions boring, ....
    <snipped the rest>
    No, not boring. Although always having an interest in
    this field, with regards to making real obs, I'm a 
    total newbie yet to make/report first true obs.
    However, I have just invested a small fortune (well,
    it is to me anyway) in the hardware to make obs (not
    to mention putting the "back yard" number one in my
    new house purchase requirements, which I move into 
    on Tues).  
    With that in mind, and looking forward to my reporting 
    the first obs result, imagine how I feel at the pos 
    impending loss of public tles???
    Supposing said widely published tles evaporate from 
    the net under new policy, I guess I'll have to dust
    of some old calculus books and start diy'ing them.
    Daunting prospect for a newbie who last sat a maths
    test 20yrs ago! But, hey, that could be part of the 
    With regards the recent "Celestrak" announcement and
    this thread, I am reading all this with some puzzlement
    to it's eventual outcome. However, being a UK citizen,
    I can hardly write to my congressman and complain.
    Anyway, reading with interest as always and looking forward
    to the outcome of public tle availability, which ever
    way it goes.
    Btw, "web cronies"?? I guess loss of publicly available
    tles will "push underground" those that produce/report
    home made versions of such. That's sounds worse to me!
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