reasons for tracking

From: Graham (
Date: Mon Aug 09 2004 - 00:03:00 EDT

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    It would be interesting to know why members are so "addicted" to
    reporting the orbital path of these satelittes
    Do members see this as a fun game to see how many sats they can
    spot purely for the sake of it?,or maybe they see themselves as
     "cheeky spy hunters",or do they feel this information can benefit
    our world on some other level?
    Who actually uses this data?,what is the benefit of making this data public?
    As the "hide the tanks" article states some member have 150,000 plus
    observations over a decade or more;this is a deep commitment
    which must have a driving motivation.
    I would suggest that all trackers do look at all angles of this hobby as
    it may well prove to be it is not your own opinion that matters,but
    others who may have the ultimate power to act.
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