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From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Mon Aug 09 2004 - 08:46:46 EDT

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    Graham wrote,
    > Ted wrote:
    > > "Who are the others, and how might they act?"
    > The goverment.
    That would be the US government, and most of the satellite trackers are
    beyond the reach of the USG.  Even for the few who are Americans, the US
    government has shown an extreme and well-founded fear of taking such matters
    to court.  The satellite tracking case would never get close, because it
    involves  information  available to anyone who cares to watch the sky -- 
    what would the charges be, and how would they be presented to a jury?
    IMO,  the only practical danger would be if such a US person worked for a
    company that did business with the offended parts of the defense and/or
    intelligence communities, in which case he/she might come under job
    Note, by the way, that the present question of TLE availability *doesn't*
    affect the satellites the government is annoyed about.
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